Non-impact & Impact Sliding Glass Door Repair

Sliding doors can be difficult to open due to natural wear, misuse, or some accident. At SUPER SLIDING DOORS, we provide high-quality services quality to help make those doors slide again. We are experts in the repair and installation of sliding glass doors, and our focus is to make your doors work great. We know what you need to do to make your door slide 'super smooth.'

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in repairs and installation and can solve your door problem on the same day. 80% of the cases these works are made without removing the door. It creates more security, speed and does not damage your floor or wall, generating a better cost-benefit for you.

See some of the works in which we are experts:


Regardless of the year or model, we have the exact wheel for your door! We work with high-quality material to guarantee durability for much longer.

Broken Glass

We know that many unforeseen events happen and broken glass from a sliding glass door can take your sleep away. In many cases, these glasses are made to measure and can be handled improperly due to the imminent risk of an accident. DO NOT TAKE THIS RISK! We at SUPER SLIDING DOORS have the right knowledge and skills for this type of work.

Damaged tracks

Like the wheels, the tracks are important for the sliding of a door. Crumpled, hollowed or blocked tracks can cause the door to become heavy or even locked. This problem can occur for several reasons and our team can solve this problem at your doorstep. A thorough cleaning using specific products or with new stainless steel covers can make your door slide 'super smooth.'

Lock and Handle

Often, one problem creates another problem. When a door is misaligned due to problems with rollers because the door is too heavy, it can affect the functioning of its lock and the break of its handle. The lock or handle can also be damaged by the time of use, lack of maintenance, or any other reason. We at SUPER SLIDING DOORS can repair or replace it with a new lock or handle

Here at SUPER SLIDING DOORS, our experts can repair and manufacture a new screen for your home. Request your free estimate now!

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